Our Story

Our Story

Since 2006 LCWP Sports has produced custom aquatic and active gear for athletes. The company was founded by former collegiate water polo players and coaches who recognized the need for durable water polo suits with unique designs. So we started to make water polo suits and apparel for local age group and high school teams in Orange County. As the company grew to include collegiate teams, we took pride in our design work, our turnaround time, and our responsiveness toward customers. Our design work is based on a collaboration between teams and our graphic design crew so that team concepts are well represented on custom orders. Our turnaround time on custom orders is based on design work and manufacturing in our own facilities – everything is made and shipped out of Orange County, California. Our responsiveness toward customers is based on quick response to customer inquiries and a 100% guarantee on our work. If an LCWP product is found to be defective upon receipt we will take it back and fix the defect.

Everything is made and shipped out of Orange County, California.

As LCWP Sports expanded into swim and athletic performance gear, we recognized another need—for environmentally sustainable manufacturing and products. The inks that we use in our sublimation are water based and non toxic. The paper that we use in the sublimation process is recycled after use. The fabrics our suits are made out of are recycled and ecologically-friendly.

The fabrics our suits are made out of are recycled and ecologically-friendly.

Once our company was established as a producer of custom aquatic and active apparel, we received requests from former athletes and even parents of former athletes, asking if we had suits and gear for individual sale. We took these requests and developed a new brand, IN8 Active, in response. IN8 Active has the same quality design work, manufacturing and environmental sustainability as our team suits and apparel. We are excited to develop a product line for ALL athletes-be it former age group, high school, collegiate athletes, or those finding their IN8 athletic ability for the first time. We know how important quality gear is for performance. When you add in our design work, the environmental sustainability of our products, and most importantly the fact that our products are Made in the USA, you can feel good about our gear’s performance and your purchase.

A product line for ALL athletes